FTSJD Family

Aliases: FtsJ methyltransferase domain containing 1, adrift homolog, FTSJD1, AFT, FLJ11171

Pfam Domain Structure

From FTSJD1 (human)

Members of the FTSJD Family
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CMKB FTSJD1 Ftsjd1 Ftsjd1 FTSJD1 aft -
Entrez Gene 55783 234728 292016 427537 37034 -
Uniprot FTSJ1_HUMAN FTSJ1_MOUSE - - - -
OMIM - - - - - -
Reagents - - - - - -
Results 1 available - - - 1 available -
Family Summary

FTSJD1 (adrift) in Drosophila is involved in the navigation of migrating tracheal cells to targets in the CNS.

  1. Englund C, Uv AE, Cantera R, Mathies LD, Krasnow MA, Samakovlis C. adrift, a novel bnl-induced Drosophila gene, required for tracheal pathfinding into the CNS. Development 1999; 126:1505-14 (PubMed)
Consortium Results & Data
Discovery» Drosophila Migration Genes
Gene Name Function Cell
Phenotypes Reagents/
Entrez: CG5032
Flybase: FBgn0026309
adrift novel, nuclear protein embryonic trachea Loss of function: trachea migration defect aft1, aft2, UAS-aft, hs-aft, aftPantip-4 (lacZ) Englund 1999; Ebner 2002
Proteomics» Table 1. Identification and Quantitation of Proteins from Cell Body (CB) and Pseudopodium (PD) fractions
IPI Locus Description CB Spectra CB peptide PD Spectra PD peptide ratio
IPI00334846 FLJ11171 HYPOTHETICAL PROTEIN FLJ11171. 1 1 0 0 0.00

The primary classification of CMKB families is the homeomorphic family, whose members are both homologous (evolved from a common ancestor) and homeomorphic (sharing full-length sequence similarity and a common domain architecture).